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If you have been dreaming of having your own personal bar for years, or just enjoy having a cocktail or two with friends, consider adding a bar to your basement renovation plans when you consult with Empire Basements. Think about it: a bar serves as the perfect complement to a home theatre and, with the addition of a bathroom, will turn the entire basement into an integrated home entertainment centre, separate from your homes other day-to-day functions. And, in context with the entire basement renovation, the added cost of including a bar is negligible, especially when you consider the added boost it gives to your homes new entertainment centre.   

Every basement is different and many present architectural and design challenges due to foundational support and placement of home heating, electrical and water systems. Our highly qualified architects and design consultants can determine the perfect location and configuration of your basement bar, which should include a refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, wine rack, counter area and cupboards, at a minimum. Clients can choose from a range of bar styles, from old style saloon to sleek, modern minimalist, and while the initial design work will be drafted based on standard finishes, upgrades can be determined at our design centre. Empire Basementsdesigners can also offer numerous ideas for jazzing up the bar to your specs should you be seeking to add specific pizzazz to your bar or just ensure that it conveys your personality.  
No matter what design you ultimately pick for your basement bar, our courteous and professional installation engineers will ensure that all components are properly installed and all detail work impeccably constructed. Empire Basements is confident that your bar will be the envy of your friends and neighbours, and could prove detrimental to the business of your areas local watering holes.

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