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Design Services & 3D Renderings

At Empire Basements the successful basement renovation starts with design services and rendering because we are foremost a design oriented company. And, equally as crucial, because the new construction and installation needs to seamlessly conform to and work with the existing foundation and mechanical systems. Factor in our extensive experience and you can be confident that our design services and rendering team will help you figure out the perfect configuration for your new renovated basement.

Empire Basements’ highly qualified architects and design consultants are experts at determining the best configuration of renovated basement spaces to account for the existing structure and systems, while meeting the design goals of their clients. The placement and sizing of a new home theater, bar, bathroom and/or fireplace are crucial elements that need to be determined in consultation with the design services and rendering team, which utilizes 3D graphics technology that helps you visualize from multiple angles how your new basement will look. This technology eases the consultation process by allowing you to quickly see how the new features can be incorporated into the existing basement space, and visualize why some potential configurations may not be tenable. And, should you decide to upgrade finishes at the design centre, the 3D graphics makes it easy to incorporate these changes into the design.

Once the design work and final renderings have been approved by you, our qualified professional installation engineers have the perfect blueprints for ensuring the impeccable quality of the ensuing construction, installation and detail work. In short, the design services and rendering team is the Empire Basements linchpin that assures you of a high quality basement renovation built to accommodate your style, and with fabulous features that will make your basement space the primary center for home entertaining.

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