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Home Theatre

While you may not be able to picture how that dank dungeon of a basement can be turned into a home theatre, Empire Basementsqualified design consultants and architects will amaze you with their ability to conceptualize the transformation of that dingy space into your homes predominant area for entertaining. Our detail-oriented personnel take account of the existing basement configuration, foundational support, location of the homes mechanical systems, as well as other elements of desired renovation such as bar and bathroom, to determine the perfect siting of the theatre screen to ensure the best audio-visual qualities and overall comfort of viewers.

Empire Basements utilizes state-of-the-art 3D design technology that allows you to see exactly what your renovated basement will look like, and provides ease in refining the design, making stylistic changes or adding new design features. Standard home theatre installation includes fully wired surround sound and your choice of wall inset or wall mounted placement of the TV set, with a variety of possible surrounding built-in finishes, such as shelving and cabinetry. Built-in finishing features can be picked out at the companys design centre, and Empire Basementscourteous and highly competent design consultants stand ready to help you determine which finishes will best serve your individual sense of style.
Our company takes care of all permitting issues and Empire Basementsprofessional installation engineers make sure that all construction is of the highest quality and meets or exceeds provincial and local building codes. While home renovations are often fraught with challenges, we are confident that you will enjoy consulting with our creative and talented personnel and will be pleased with all of their work, from concept to finished renovation. And we are positive that your new home theater and overall basement renovation will become the centrepiece of your homes entertainment and the envy of your friends.  

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