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With the addition of a home theater and bar that former dungeon-like space known as the basement is about to be transformed into your homes predominant space for entertaining. Thus, shouldnt it have a bathroom?

Do you really want to have to trudge up the stairs every time you need a bathroom break while watching a movie or hockey game on your new home theater, or while entertaining your friends at the bar? For that matter, do you want to have to send your friends up the stairs and through the house while trying to entertain? Probably not, and if your home is already short on bathroom space, the addition of a two- or three-piece bathroom as part of your basement renovation might make perfect sense. It may even prove ideal should your basement already serve as the laundry roomas that washer-dryer can easily be incorporated into the new bathroom space so as to separate your new recreation space from the chores.  

Our expert architects and design consultants can help determine the most appropriate siting for your new bathroom based on the other renovations, existing basement configuration, foundational support, and location of the homes mechanical systems. Standard two-piece bathrooms come with a sink and toilet, while the three-piece includes a shower/bath. Finishes can be picked out at the Empire Basementsdesign center, and our design consultants can assist with ensuring that your new bathroom reflects your personal style and tastes.
Empire Basements uses qualified professional installation engineers who assure that plumbing systems are correctly installed and that the bathroom will pose no risk of water damage or become a source of basement humidity. Our construction will be of the highest quality and meet all codes, and your new bathroom will serve your homes entertainment centre for years to come.  

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