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A fireplace in the basement, you ask? Well, why not? After all, we live in Canada where the winters are long and heat a necessity. And just think of the cozy ambiance and warmth that a fireplace would add to your new bar and/or home theater area. In short, the addition of a fireplace will serve as the final magical touch that transforms that dingy cell block of cobwebs and storage items into one of the most used rooms in your home. And, both because heat rises and basements tend to be weak areas with regard to heating efficiency, a fireplace adds a new source of home heating.

As we generally renovate basements for the purpose of developing leisure space, Empire Basements offers natural gas fireplaces so that you will not have to haul wood or tend the fire while enjoying a movie at your new home theater or sharing a drink with friends at your new bar. Our high-quality architects and design consultants can help determine the most appropriate fireplace siting based on the other renovations, existing basement configuration, foundational support, and location of other home mechanical systems.

Our standard fireplace comes with a natural looking stone facade that melds nicely with a broad range of design elements that you might be considering with the other components of your overall renovation. Alternate fireplace design finishes can be considered at our design center, and our design consultants stand ready to work with you to ensure that your fireplace perfectly fits your personal sense of style.
Empire Basements hires a certified natural gas technician to assist with the installation to assure that the fireplace meets all local and provincial building codes, and provides years of safe and efficient heating.  

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